The Layout of your Website

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In order to establish yourself as a brand that offers valuable content to your customers, consistency in layout and message is essential. The general layout of your blog or web page is the sum of all your work. Your overall message should be consistent. Your readers want to feel at ease on your site. You don't want to make them guess what it is you have to say, and, most importantly, you don't want to make them have to look for content. 

Take a look at your website as it is today, and ask yourself the following questions: Is your content:

  • well-structured,
  • easy to find, and
  • simple, yet visually astatic?

Even with thematically different blog articles, you can achieve a consistent look with a coherent tone, layout, font & color theme on the one hand, and categorisation of content on the other hand.

Another often-overlooked quality element is back-end technology. Search Engines reward websites that

  • have a clear page navigation,
  • load quickly (effective web hosting), and
  • are designed to look great on all devices (responsive design).

​All of these aspects combined offer your visitors a positive user experience that will enourage them to stay longer and to come back.

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