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The Layout of your Website

In order to establish yourself as a brand that offers valuable content to your customers, consistency in layout and message is essential. The general layout of your blog or web page is the sum of all your work. Your overall message should be consistent. Your readers want to feel at ease on your...
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Publish your Content Effectively

Pitching like a Pro In a way, pitching the article you just wrote will be one of the most important aspects of your content creation. After all, the best content might not be found if it hasn't been marketed well. We've covered the most obvious place to market your blog: on your website. However,...
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Step-by-Step: Creating an (Omega-) Sub Theme

Maybe I'm one of the last drupal developers who has put creating subthemes of Drupal Themes on the backburner. I just found that there's never been enough time to set it up properly, and frankly, I shied away from the whole process because I wasn't able to piece together all the info that can be...
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Drupal Views: Link any field to its content

You might already be aware of the built-in option to link images or title fields to its content in Drupal Views, but have you ever wanted to link other fields to their node content? A bit trickier, but it can be done! This tutorial will teach you how to link a field to its content in 3 easy steps...
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Output Fields as Links with Drupal Views

In Drupal Views you can link every field to an external or internal source. It's easy if you want to have one link for all your nodes. However, if you want a separate URL per node, you will have to make a few configurations. For me, this need occurred when I wanted to link an image to our clients'...
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